Fall of 8chan

Last edited/updated: 24th of May, 2020 (changelog at the bottom). IMPORTANT: be sure to go read the sources as they often have more detailed and specific information. This is just a tl;dr of all events. Some sources come from smuglo's /support/ board since information gathering for this document had home there. The Fall of 8chan as we know it. - 3rd and 4th of August, 2019 The El Paso Texas Walmart shooting happens. The shooter posts his manifesto on Instagram, someone reposts it on 8chan /pol/. Feds are alerted, panic ensues. On /pol/, various users seems to instigate violence, just as there is the suspicion that feds might watch over the board (https://archive.is/nesxK). Overall the circumstances of this are very unclear and speculations are that this was made on purpose by someone to rise a crusade against the site. Said shaming campaign happens, as many voices rise up to protest against the existence of 8chan, labeled as a cesspool of extremists and the worst people on the internet. Even by mass media, who underline how 3 shootings have been announced in the past months on /pol/. This accusation though is misleading, as in most cases the manifesto was posted AFTER the shooting, by someone else. HotWheels, who has a notorious hatred for 8chan and Jim Watkins, calls out first on twitter (https://archive.is/8Wgkg) then in an interview for the shutdown of the site, which is again labeled as the home of hate speech and "a megaphone for shooters". Sources: the interview (https://archive.is/WlARe) and reactions/talk about it on kiwifarms (https://archive.is/OcL0E). Even mass media all over the world mention 8chan, airing reports about it in the news. Ron and Jim first don't comment. But Ron works on a way to delete faster such hateful content by adding a new mod tool. 8chan experiences some technical issue and a short downtime because of hardware upgrades against the incoming DDoS attacks Ron expects this will follow. - 5th of August, 2019 CNN also mentions these news and how 8chan is involved in it, still wrongly claiming that the shooter posted the manifesto on the site while it was posted on Instagram originally (https://archive.is/lfCgk). Pressed by the public, Cloudflare's CEO announces the removal of 8chan from their DDoS protection service in two hours. Ron puts a sitewide announcement to alert everyone to seek shelther. To be noted, this is not the direct reason of 8chan going offline, but it is the first cause because without DDoS protection the attacks rapidly kill the site and keep it from getting back online. Sources: statement of Cloudflare's CEO (https://archive.is/sxAPM) and reactions on /pol/ (https://archive.is/QYyvP and https://archive.is/kN5Aj). After about 20 minutes 8chan announced Cloudflare would shut off service to the site, /cow/ setups a bunker site at alogs.theguntretort.com. The name is then changed with votes to JulayWorld (https://archive.is/yoiJC https://archive.is/YShpQ). Ron tries to restore the site, failing because of the attacks that keep coming through. Voxility then kicks 8chan out of their service, deplatforming it. - 6th of August, 2019 Jim uploads a video on his YT channel about all that happened, expressing his condolences for the victims of the shooting and defending 8chan as a free speech site, where law is enforced. He also points out how the claims of the shooter posting his manifesto on /pol/ are false. Source: https://archive.org/details/sorry-for-the-inconvenience_202005 -------------------- In the following weeks, 8chan tries to get back but unsuccessfully: no one wants to host them and the DDoS attacks never cease. Most communities, seeing how late 8chan is into coming back, move to bunkers or under other small imageboard sites. Smuglo.li, which originally was just the bunker for 8chan's /a/, starts to accept other boards under his domain as refugees. In a similar fashion, JulayWorld (which was just the /cow/ bunker) starts accepting refugee boards. /v/'s owner Mark moves to the bunker he made at vch.moe. After some time (around the end of August), the webring is made to connect all major site alternatives to 8kun together: Fatchan, JulayWorld, Smuglo.li, Anon.cafe, Prolikewoah (/animu/'s bunker), Frchan. The fans around "Q" and his legacy decide to wait for the site to be back instead, as there is no way to prove Q's authenticity in posts outside of 8chan. -------------------- - 3rd of September, 2019 Mark posts a public statement on vch.moe to announce that he has been an employee under Ron and Jim since quite some time (around the end of 2016) because he was desperate for money as he had no income. He was put in charge of the board claims and he was also the "community manager" for a brief period of time back when Ron succeeded HW in the site technical support after the Infinity Next fiasco. He is also a reporter on /newsplus/. It all was kept a secret because Ron feared a riot and exodus out of this, even though Mark disagreed. Now though it is necessary to reveal them as HotWheels blackmailed Mark and revealed these info on IRC. Eight hours later, HW tweets about this publicly. Sources: Thread on vch (https://archive.is/08QCC) and tweet of HW (https://archive.is/mHKFX). - 5th of September, 2019 Jim is called by the House Homeland Security Committee to speak at a closed door congressional deposition about the involvement of his company NT Technology and 8chan in the El Paso shooting, and to testify about how the website plans to tackle "the proliferation of extremist content, including white supremacist content". He underlines once again how the site "has never tolerated illegal speech and has a consistent track record of working with law enforcement agencies when appropriate". Source: https://archive.is/SO55A -------------------- It is decided to rebrand 8chan, and call it 8kun, to avoid the infamous aura media have placed on that name (https://archive.org/details/8kun-coming-soon). A campaign to promote the transparency of the new site and its will to be in accordance with legality is made. Still, during October 8kun is brought up and then immediately taken down multiple times, both from deplatforming caused by reports or by DDoS attacks. Source: list of IPs 8kun tried (https://archive.is/Vh3yc). About HotWheels: there are lots that can be said about how his hatred for Jim and 8chan grew over time, starting from the Infinity Next fiasco. I'll leave a long thread here with logs from HW's IRC chats and interesting discussion about it all: https://archive.is/r7pZ9 Also, his twitter is full of posts attacking Jim and 8chan/8kun. Here's just a few: https://archive.is/ric3m -------------------- - 14th of October, 2019 Jim has an hearing at the Philippines Court for the petition he filed about his naturalization as a Philippine citizen. HW hears about it, comes to the Court and submits a written and oral statement against him. Jim is not present. The hearing is postponed to February 2020. Sources: https://archive.is/TTt4O https://archive.is/ZNb8q https://archive.is/65Pdh - 22nd of October, 2019 HW tweets about Mark: he reveals that the income Jim gives him is used to fund vch.moe, which is in theory a competitor of 8kun. This, together with the previous tweet about his employment by Jim, proves also that Mark was hanging out with HW in his IRC during this period of time. Source: https://archive.is/zsSEj - 26th of October, 2019 Mark says that the reason why 8chan is still not back is because Ron is too busy developing Project Odin, and advances doubts about the platforms they are trying to use. Source: https://archive.is/p0ddo - 4th of November, 2019 8kun gets back online. Site is very unstable at first and borderline unusable. Some communities (like /a/) decide to not get back and remain on the bunkers for now, which are organized together and connected with the webring. Others get back instead, like the Q userbase. Certain aspects of the site have changed: now every post has a disclaimer under it to make clear how any aspect of the post is not responsibility of the administration. Full timeline from Kimee/Koisheep point of view: https://archive.is/CeUrX >big meta thread on julay for /v/: https://archive.is/l3pCT >defensive final statement of Rob: https://archive.is/nhJPy >All the /v/ meta threads before Kimee nuked the board: https://archive.is/eKGgJ #1 https://archive.is/sW00l #2 https://archive.is/ZoeGn #3 https://archive.is/fkCAK #4 https://archive.is/BrEqa #5 - 14th of May, 2020 The new /v/ BO turns out to be one of Kimee's friends, named Notrad, just less chaotic. He allows unspoilered lolis, and this makes HF go on another panic spree on the IRC, saying there is toddlercon on /v/, because "he is sure Rob won't want any more unspoiled lolishit on /v/". An IRC user rejects the accusations as what HF links is not toddlercon, and as an answer he is kicked from the IRC (https://archive.is/UEyDT). This person later DMs with HF stating how he is causing mass drama and distrust in Julay (https://archive.is/tm648). Meanwhile, an unknown BO whose board is coming back in the reboot is about to nuke it (https://archive.is/y96Od https://archive.is/tD4Go). The new /v/ is used by approximately two people because everyone has moved on to an alternative or went back to Mark's site. - 15th of May, 2020 In the meantime, Kimee orchestrates a second, bigger revenge towards Julay and his mods (who keep whining about lolis while the CP spammer is still at it, both on /v/ and /cow/). He sets up a bunker site (https://tengureich.com/v/) and once Notrad has a backup of all the threads he wants to save, Kimee takes back secretly /v/ just to nuke it again (https://archive.is/wKC7f). All the remaining /v/ activity that was on Julay moves to tengureich, which joins the webring. This mess harms trust in Julay completely, as board activity slows down dramatically (https://archive.is/AAMCz) and some even outright leave, like /k/ did. Most of /v/ users now are scattered around and waiting for a /v/ centered website. Rob, seen the situation, opens a thread to hire new janitors (https://archive.is/5pECi). -------------------- There is much more behind this apparently, as a suspected non reliability issue in the administration of Julay (https://archive.is/FYGuC) caused by a supposed infiltration in the IRC of the /grevolt/ people that are close to site staff (https://archive.is/tGnb7). Also, apparently HF can't do wrong in the eyes of Rob no matter how much he whines and does asspulls towards the community like it happened already 3 times at least. Not to mention Acidman's supposed involvement in the CP spam of the last few days because he thinks there is a corruption going on (https://archive.is/ilnHm). Not going to write it all, since it is only tangential to this document. If you want to learn more I'll leave sources: >the updated version of Kimee's story on the /japan/ meta thread: https://archive.is/kiU0P >reactions and talk about this mess at the bottom of the rebirth thread: https://archive.is/gMyXf >updated /v/ meta thread: https://archive.is/FCqt4 >more sources and talk in the tengureich /v/ meta thread (I saved the important images, you can open them): https://archive.is/wN93r -------------------- - 16th of May, 2020 The old BO of Fatchan's /v/ claims the board on zchan.cc, making it the new point for old fatchan userbase to gather to (https://archive.is/cyXqI https://archive.is/0oytp). - 21st of May, 2020 Tengureich gets taken down temporarily as there is an issue with the domain host (the same of Hoppaisama) which prevents people from posting. Since the owner doesn't answer, the site will be down until he will or until Kimee finds a new host. Source: https://archive.is/LN54z - 24th of May, 2020 8kun keeps bleeding users, as now the top board doesn't go above 300 users, and /v/ is down to around 220. Ron has once again disappeared, board creation and migrations remain all locked behind the final decision of Jim. Source: 8kun's homepage (https://archive.is/oPMmd). -------------------- Changelog: . 5th of May, 2020 >Added /rand21/ incident >Added sources >Added details about board migration and communication issues in the early phases of the comeback >Added HW tries of deplatforming 8chan >Fixed how /a/ was handed to /animu/ BO >Fixed stuff about Mark . 6th of May, 2020 >Added Mark's vch.moe bunker info >Added the reasons why he revealed he worked as an employee for Ron and Jim >Rewrote the first phase of the timeline entirely >Archived Jim's stream and video relevant to this timeline >Added the hearing Jim did for the shooting . 7th of May, 2020 > Added sources >Added developments . 11th of May, 2020 >Added Julay /v/ mess drama . 12th of May, 2020 >Added /v/ situation developments . 14th of May, 2020 >Added new developments >fixed some parts about /a/ . 15th of May, 2020 >More developments >Added sources . 16th of May, 2020 >updates . 22nd of May, 2020 >more updates, added sources . 24th of May, 2020 >added developments on Tengureich >added 8kun current situation