/japan/ has a rich heritage that goes back a few years. I hope to illustrate why it should be considered a proper /jp/ spinoff with this little history lesson. It was originally conceived by a group of funposters who frequented 4chan's /v/ and /jp/ boards back in late 2014. It was known as /2hu/ for a while on 8chan. We used to host regular Touhou fangame netplay threads on 8chan's /v/ and our new home board. Things were going well until mid 2015 when it was rudely taken from us and given to some tranny over Twitter. We quickly migrated to IRC, which we had already been using for our GETball team. Later, we moved to 8chan's /jp/ once it was more well established. It had to deal with drama as well, but that was resolved once Tenko/8mod assumed power. Other drama which I won't get into here was killing the site, but our board was relatively unaffected until it went down in August 2019. Several attempts were made to revive it, but we were once again stuck on IRC until prolikewoah.com came around under the current name of /japan/. I became the board owner in April 2020, and had it for a few months. In late July, we were unfortunately evicted because the site owner got blackmailed into doing so. (There was also an attempt to host our "own" site but it died within a week because the hosting provider decided to leave the internet.) We then secretly migrated to kissu.moe while leaving a fake board up at 8chan.moe as a front to draw fire from the same person who blackmailed the owner of PLW. Due to ideological differences, Pissu was abandoned in favor of our current home on zzzchan.xyz/japan/ in November 2020. Although the Fire is waning, we still manage to host games, steams, and coordinate with other boards to host events. It will hopefully remain an easy place for years to come.