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What an evasive answer. I want to know if you have been the parent of a child who has been terminally or chronically ill. That is a yes or no answer. What is subjective about that? Do you have kids or not? Did you have sick siblings as a child or not? If you answer with "I've pretty much been...." then you are a coward and a pretentious idiot-fuck. Answer the fucking question. I find your answer pretty condescending to the Robbins's situation, and it really struck me raw. If you can't empathize, you can't. Just say that it sounds terrible. Don't say that you have "a pretty good idea" and that it is "subjective." Would you tell J. that you know how it is?You didn't reflect at all with sympathy; you directed the attention back to yourself. I'm just curious if you are pathological or if you have a story. That's why when I was wrestling half my training regimen was spent strengthening my sphincter muscles. One of the better excercises was sticking a roll of quarters up my ass, then I would slowly and deliberately push it back out. I got so good at this the guys would hand me a dollar after practice, asking for change for the soda machine. The first time this was meant to be a joke but when my muscles became so refined that I could give the change to them one quarter at a time, the joke was on them.The end result was that I became strong enough to lock-in my opponents finger(s) when he tried to check my oil, thereby incapacitating half of his mobility and strength. I can't tell you how many reversal points I scored off this, but it was worth at least two every match. I was at the mall today buying some yugioh cards (tryin' to complete my CDIP set) & this kid standing next to me in line at the game shop says "Man, that yugiHO s**t is homo, you shouldn't be wasting your faggot cash on some lame fucking s**t crap like that. Fuckin' cocksucker." I turned around, saw no one, then peered down at a child who looked about 10 years old holding many packs of Pokemon Unseen Forces.I then got into a debate (for what seemed like 30 minutes or so) on the superiority of Yugioh to poke'mon. And at the end he just called me a "fag" and proceeded to punch my in the stomach. I finally crawled on my bruised stomach to a nearby mall cop, and pointed to that snot nosed brat, last I saw of him he was on the mall cops shoulder cying for his mother. i'm sick and tired of people thinking being ugly is just "how god made you"!!! Here's two prime examples of how this statement is false, please feel free to add yer own. :PHow one gets fat: eating WAY too fucking much[or] they are genetically HUGE [lol only in very few cases]>>Conclusion: lol, fat=no self control to stop fucking eating; no self control=not very attractive; fat=not pretty.How one gets acne: oily icky gross dirty skin that isn't washed and has dead skin clogging pores[or] genetically gross [lol, in some cases, yet they can be 'fixed' so it's still no excuse]>>>Conclusion: lol, wash yur fucking face! acne=no self responsibity to wash yur fucking face!; no responsibility=lol not very attractive; acne=not prettyTHUS, /end rant, but yes, people who don't have the self control to be at a reasonable weight are icky icky gross, and dirty people ho don't wash, lol ew, yea, gross. Anime isn't just a bunch of cheap American ripoffs of cartoons, it's art. Next time you American sheeple are watching your simpsons or south park or whatever mindless American cartoons that have plots, storylines and comedy, I'll be Admiring the wonderful and superior art of Chinese cartoons. oh and to people who are worried about games looking childish its usually a good indication that your a just a kid who thinks he's grown up cause he can shoot hookers in GTA There is very little of value in blogging. There are some real journalists who have an online newsletter, and real writers who post articles independently -- that they happen to be classified as blogs flatters the sycophantic self-indulgent blogosphere at large. Imagine if you serialized your blog and emailed all your friends with it every time you updated it? If they wouldn't welcome such a diary, don't bother with your blog. The people who care are the people no one cares about. The problem is all bloggers have a following -- other bloggers. Should we allow every member of NAMBLA his own page on Wikipedia because he has a few dozen acquaintances at NAMBLA? No. Nearly all bloggers who are nothing but should be eliminated from Wikipedia. Published journalists and legitimate authors who happened to be classified as "bloggers" are welcome, of course. I'm not trying to brag or anything, but yeah, I smoke weed. I don't give a damn what anyone says regarding marijuana laws. Go ahead, trace my ip. Tell the cops where I live, I should be able to put whatever i want in my body, may it be marijuana, a 10 year olds childs semi erect penis, or cocaine. The government doesn't have any right telling us what is "ok" to consume. I asked my friend for a sip of his pepsi and he gave me the can. Afterward he accused me of 'nigger lipping' his pepsi and refused to take it back. In a rage, I filed a hate crime report with the NYPD and had his racist ass hauled off to juvee where I'm sure disgusting faggots are anally violating him even as I type these words. I abhor bigots. Oh great another holiday for christians to force their believes on me. Christmas is just another day for us atheists, i'll be listening to atheist radio and maybe watch a little tv. I'll let the brainwashed Christians have "cheer and good fun". Once, when i was changing my little brother's diaper, i jacked him off. I don't know what drove me to do it, but I did. now i can't stop thinking about his little penis. I think i want him to grow up and fuck me. How could Sony betray me like this?!? I waited in line for three months--yes, I started the very first line for the PS3 way before anyone else. I endured the elements, the snide comments, and unemployment (I was fired from my job after the first week) because I wanted to be the very first person to play what I imagined would be the salvation to all my dearest dreams. Rumor had it that playing a videogame on the PS3 would be like injecting heroin directly into your eyeball. I believed the hype and worshipped Sony as my god.Finally, with nearly every credit card maxed out and two debt consolidation plans under my belt, the great day arrived and I fought my way into the store to get my hands on this wonder console. Leaving the store I did a little victory dance and then drove up and down the parking lot taunting those who did not get a PS3. Then it was off to home to play this little beauty.I hooked everything up while my wife and children watched and applauded at my direction. It was time to play the first game! After two hours I noticed that waves of heat were pouring off the console, so I told my daughter to hold it up in the air in front of a fan while I continued playing, waiting for the opiate-like ecstasy that was soon to overwhelm me after I shot to death another video game enemy. Things went fine for awhile; an hour later the box began whistling and my daughter complained that it was getting too hot to hold. I figured this was just what they called "burning in" and continued playing.Then, at the four hour mark, my daughter began complaining of blisters and within fifteen minutes the entire console burst into flames, the plastic casing scorching and bubbling as I rushed to complete the level. But I was too late, and my precious daughter burned to death. Wracked with sadness at not being able to save my game, I immediately called my lawyer to review my options for a massive lawsuit.I am sure we all expected a few "bugs" and "glitches" and "inconveniences", but that does not excuse Sony for selling what appears to be a blazing DEATH TRAP.Caveat emptor! Nigger? So you think you are superior not only because you're white! it's because you read! ha! I didn't know they were people like you in this website, and I hope you learn more about our people, because I'm very ofended now. Racism is illegal, you know? if they were enough technologies to know who is behind that "anonymus", no doubt you would be behind bars now! Please respect others, even if they don't like reading like you do. I m a hindu religious girl. I don't when i got the habit of masturbation.Now i feeling guilty.?I have always wear panty while doing it. use pillow to masturbate.I think some white discharge is there when i do this.doesn't know whether pillow became wet or not. I have left this habit when i came to know that it is not good. my problem is now i think if anybody touches those pillow he or she will become impure. similar is the with the things whom i used to touch that time.what to do.I m getting mad. how to solve this issue.I promise not to masturbate again. I cannot wash them all.Plz HELP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. mAY gOD BLESS U ALL a rabbi told me the other day the deffinitive prove to demon's existance. you have to get a black female cat (daughter of a black cat), kill it and burn it. put your bed in the middle of your room so that it's not touching any walls, and then spread the ash in a circle surrounding it. sleep there. the next day if you're still alive you will see the marks of demon's feet: they'll look like hen claws. and that's it, I really talked to a rabbi asking him to prove his wonderful religion and this is the best he could come with (it is written on the guemara wich is like the torah i think). You can spot a Nintendo 64 game from a mile away. If the textures look like they were photographed with a cell phone camera, copied to VHS tape, copied to another VHS tape, imported into the computer and saved as a low quality JPEG, and then the computer was chucked into a fire, you know you're playing a Nintendo 64 game. I am sick to death of the ludicrous anti-Nintendo ravings of you pissed-off geeks. Do you really believe the rest of us don't see right through your mental pathology? Your entire conosole philosophy boils down to this: "The cool kids picked on me in high school, and I can't get over it. I hate the Wii" girl you must be the aeon flux movie because i never wanna see you again IM SO SICK AND TIRED OF CHRISTIANS PUSHING THEIR BELIEFS ON ME, i mean every year i go to buy something at the store and I see HAPPY HOLLIDAYS and it pisses me off so muchhh i mean christians are everywhere i mean its like UHHGGGGG but anyway this year its gonna be different. i just got down purchasing my ANTI-god pin. im going to every place where they sell christmas trees and all the "happy" (yeah more like BRAINWASHED) familys will see my anti-god pin and i will silently protest this stupid holliday yeah go atheists! Tokyo is a great country. I have been there. Its provinces (shinagawa, shinjuku, roppongi) are incredibly vast and there is an inter-provincial high speed train that links them all! The best part is that the train also allows you to travel to neighboring countries, for example if you wanted to visit the country of Osaka you could do so because they use the same currency. Amazing, isn't it? I wish Canada would use the same dollars that the US does. Now disguised fully as some sort of shabbily dressed derelict, I quickly made off with my shopping cart and ran full tilt back to the park. With no hesitation I dug through the trash barrel I'd found earlier, seizing every last can and bottle from the fetid depths of the garbage. I was almost deterred when my hand plunged into a soiled diaper, obviously unimproved from the three days of rain we'd received prior, but I had my eyes on the prize. I rolled my cart down the paths of the park, past the lemmings of our society as they strolled idly past jackpot after jackpot, lacking sense and ambition enough to loot them for their own benefit. Many of them could not contain their envy, looking at me with disgusted jealousy as I filled my cart with money. One phenomenon I cannot explain: a Catholic nun handed me a one dollar bill and told me I could get a free meal at St. Joseph's parish every Sunday afternoon. I took the cash, obviously, and thanked her for the tip on the new scam. I figure they must make you sign up for some shit before you get the free food, and that the nun must get a kickback for every new signup. Slick setup, but I'll just keep the buck, Sister Sucker!When I thought I'd plucked the final gem from this treasure chest, I slowly paced my way towards the most convenient road out of the park. I passed by a man drinking from a brown paper bag. I wasn't born yesterday, so I knew that he had a bottle in it (and probably not Chocolate Yoohoo if you get my drift). I tried to look very patient and unassuming while I waited for him to finish his bottle and discard it, so that I might add it to my coffers. After ten or so minutes he did something shocking and unexpected: he walked into a nearby Port-A-Potty and took the bottle in with him. Seven minutes later, exactly, he re-emerged without his bottle. The disgusting truth was obvious, he had finished his bottle while on the latrine and tossed the empty down into the hole. I nearly wrote that one off as a loss, but then my inner puppet spoke once again, chiding me for the sheer Hagginsian nature of my hesistation. Suffice to say, I was shoulder deep in shit before I even had time to regret my moment of weakness. Was the resulting bottle of Olde English 800 Malt Liquor worth the effort? You bet your ass, buddy.Alright, so even the faithful are probably getting impatient by now. I'm sure you want to know what my take was after all that time and effort and both occassions of having a limb thrust into fecal matter. Let's just say that Andrew Jackson and I have a dinner date tonight (though I'll only be needing his vagrant friend Alexander Hamilton once I apply my coupon). On second thought, Kroger's has On-Cor Salisbury Steaks for 2.50, and I have a manufacturer's coupon which I attained by lying to their customer care line. In case you're wondering, saying you found a condom in your chicken parmesan is only worth a dollar off your next purchase. girl you must be a playground slide because i want to go down on you repeatedly Honestly, I'd like to hear some commentary from someone who hasn't been caught trying to suck their own dick. YEAH RIGHT SO I STRAIGHT STABBED SOME PROSTITUTE WITH A FORK. IT AINT NOTHIN THOUGH NAWMEAN. BITCH ASS JUDGE HIT ME WITH 3 YEARS OF PROBATION AND 80 HOURS OF COMMUNITY SERVICE. 80 HOURS? NIGGA I BENCHPRESS 80 HOURS. NIGGAS THINK I AINT GONNA WILD OUT AND FORK SOMEONE ELSE CUZ I'M ON PAROLE SO I'M JUST LAUGHIN YO. I LAUGH AT THESE ACTORS. FUCKIN P.O THINKING I AINT GON COME IN HIGH AS SHIT OFF THE TREES JUST BECAUSE I GOT PEE IN A CUP. I DO THAT AND THROW IT IN A NIGGA'S FACE. PUNK LOOKIN OFFENDED AND SHIT I'M JUST LIKE DAMN SON, YOU SHOULD FEEL BLESSED TO BE COVERED IN MY URINE. FAGGOT DON'T KNOW WHERE MY DICK'S BEEN. IT AINT NOTHIN TO A G LIKE ME NAWMEAN In the 1960s, a student at Harvard Law School addressed the parents and alumni with these words:The streets of our country are in turmoil. The universities are filled with students rebelling and rioting. Communists are seeking to destroy our country. Russia is threatening us with her might. And the republic is in danger. Yes! danger from within and without. We need law and order! Without law and order our nation cannot survive.There was prolonged applause. When the applause died down, the student quietly told his listeners: "These word were spoken in 1932 by Adolf Hitler." Hmm, are you implying that people with long hair are gay? That's pretty hilarious if so, seeing as how most gay people have basic short hair. I am a BIG FAT GAY VAMPIRE in the BOSTON AREA. What I am looking for is other QUEER VAMPIRES to be GAY with and to DRINK BLOOD out of foofy martini glasses and maybe to use it as ingredients in a cosmopolitan. OR MAYBE ONE OF THOSE DRINKS WITH ALL THE UMBRELLAS AND THINGS. Then we will go DISCO DANCING to HOT DISCO TRACKS and talk about how TOTALLY AWESOME Madonna is. I guess after doing that we will have to get a PLATE OF NACHOS or something EQUALLY FATTENING and then stuff them into our BIG FAT GAY FACES. The nachos should have SOUR CREAM on them because that is the best way to eat them. I am looking for someone who will let me DRINK THEIR QUEER BLOOD. In addition to being QUEER you must also be FAT, this is very important. Ideally I would also get fatter from drinking your STUPID CHUBBY GAY BLOOD. You can drink mine too but only if I get to wear your GAY UNDERWEAR on my head while you do. hey gurl what kind of sex locations you into? im all about the dorm room/hotel room/dark corner/men's bathroom/janitor's closet/parent's bedroom/kindergarten classroom/bus shelter/deserted corner of the park/arby's While many parents are digging deep and forgoing luxuries in order to buy their children the newest videogame console, I've decided to build my own interactive entertainment device for my children. It's a desk with a copy of the holy bible on it. I call it the "Praystation 3" girl you must be a rodeo bull because i want to ride you for 8 seconds and then get off Keep at it! I'm sure someday you'll be mentioned in a blog. girl, you must be rearden metal because i'd like to run a train on you. windows genuine advantage, created so geeks have a genuine advantage when it comes to getting in a womans pants. Masterminded by Bill Gates who wanted to give something back to the community. He devised a plot which would force women to speak to lowly geeks world wide shut the fuk up bitch u get a lyf dumass ur a fkn hipacrit u sed to keep shyt to urself well u didnt do that n ur lyk aw get over it well u fkn get over it 2 then dont go fkn ritin shyt lyk u sed fkn looza I admit, I love the natural smells of a man. Nothing turns me on more. A healthy funk in a mans armpit or a working-mans sweaty balls are like nothing else to me. They are easily more effective than poppers, legal and dont give me a headache. Speaking of armpits, I dont like deodorant either, mostly because it tastes so terrible. When I was in 7th grade my Social Studies teacher asked me what my favorite system of government was. Luckily I was wearing my Anti-Flag tee that day. I cracked my knuckles and reclined in my desk and replied cooly, "Anarchy." Linux Is your wife, I swear. I stride nude in your computer room ; yet you dont care. Transfixed with penguins on the screen. This Open Source makes me scream. Im tossing your computer in the trash. RMS is whose genitals you tongue lash. Enemy of Our Freedom you say? I dont care. You're just gay. Yes I too fell victim to internet cruelty. Only in my case it was IRC abuse. To make a long story short I was willing to do anything to get +V and some 'people' took advantage of that. Roll Playing (RP) turns into real life tragedies and Real people get hurt or die. If you want to RP why not try to Roll Play real life situations such as how to pay the electric bill, house payment, and car payment, insurance and so on. Roll Play your parents working hard to give you a better education and life. Yesterday after coming home from an extremely long, stressful day of work, I plopped down on the couch to relax for a bit. Laying in front of the TV is great, but an orgasm would really help me blow off some steam. Lucky for me, I had recently purchased a rabbit, so I retrieved that from my bedroom, returned to the couch, and brought up some gay porn on my laptop(side rant-- will someone please make porn tailored to women?) Just as I was beginning to get that tingling feeling that happens before I come, I heard the sound of someone trying to unlock the door to my apartment. WHATTHEFUCKISTHIS!? Shit! I am naked from the waist down holding a loud-ass vibrator standing in front of a laptop on which a man is moaning loudly and telling another man how he wants him to "put it in my ass!" SHIT! WHO THE FUCK IS COMING IN THE DOOR RIGHT NOW?I completely panic. My shaking hands try desperately to turn the vibrator off, but in my excited state I completely forget how to do it..there are so many buttons!! why did I buy the fancy model??? I rip the batteries out of the stupid thing after fumbling with it and wasting precious seconds. I throw everything in the closet of my bedroom, close the door, and start to look for some pants. Then I remember that gay porn is still being played loudly on my couch. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! I could hear the sound of the second lock unlocking. I dash back into the livingroom and try with my again shaking hands to at least turn the volume down. The door is opening at this point so I snatch the laptop and scurry half-nakedly back to my bedroom while depressing the volume button. Unfortuately, I hit the wrong side of the volume button and deafeningly loud moans are now emanating from my bedroom--gay men moans. Shit! People are in my living room now. I yell "ONE MOMENT!!!!" as loud as I can, trying to try to drown the sounds of Brad getting slammed in the ass. In a complete state of terror I make the unwise decision of throwing the laptop as far under my bed as I can, hoping that the boxspring and mattress would be enough to muffle the sound of my laptop at full volume. Sadly, it was not. People are milling about in the apartment now, so I grab some shorts from my bureau and emerge from my bedroom to greet the realtor and prospective new tenants in a dress shirt and shorts, flushed, and visibly shaken. I introduce myself over the sounds of an apparent orgy in my bedroom to a profusely apologizing realtor and a smirking couple. I summoned as much dignity as I could, smiled devilishly, and returned to the fake orgy in my bedroom as they showed themselves out. I like to put excessively large ammounts of Vaseline on my cock and fuck empty toilet paper rolls. I think my parents are starting to notice that we're running out of Vaseline every 4 days or so. One time I was performing anal sex on my best friends dog like I always did on the weekends, but this most recent time I must of thrusted too hard and I think I damaged the internals of the labrador. It then got a horrible hernia and soon died after my friend was attempting to coax it back to life. It felt great. i just took a shit and my toilet didn't really flush, i got pretty frustrated and now im going to masturbate to internet porn galleries. Good day to you. I bought this book to teach my child about her body, and I was excited about the opportunity to bond with her in this fashion. However, little did I know about all of the pictures of nude women in this book. The almost 'erotic' quality of these photos were not for children! Then when we got to the parts that involved naked men, I shut the book. She didn't need to see those pictures. Later, when she was asleep - I looked at the book alone and found unbelievable pictures of naked men and women performing the strangest acts on each other with pieces of fruit and a vacuum cleaner! What is my child going to learn from this? How to be a Kuma Sutra expert? No, thanks. She gets plenty of that from her father. you walk in( the door will be open for you) you come to my bedrom where porn will be begin to suck this big black damn small talk...just walk in and start sucking........i cum on your face and then you can leave or then when can have small ready.....i dont want a lot of emails back and forth..just let me know if your ready for a address..... gurl what design patterns u into? i'm into: bridge / command / interpreter / prototype / flyweight / strategy / builder / abstract factory / proxy / facade / composite / chain of responsibility / decorator / adapter / factory method / observer / memento / template method / visitor / iterator / mediator / state / singleton i keep baking fucking cakes. this pink wig tart keeps me up nights and since i can't jack off any more since the operation i just keep fucking making cakes. everyone at the office thinks that i'm some sort of faggot becuase i bring in cakes every day. they're all fat forty-five year old tits-sagging-to-the-floor soccer moms and if they knew that cake-baking was my masturbatory substitute they probably wouldn't even eat them. probably also if they knew i pissed in the cake mix. did you guys hear on the news? usually i don't watch the news, i just heard my friend's brother freaking out about it. it's on right now. North Korea shot a three missiles at Japan, but MISSED!! XD what would happen if they didn't miss?? one of them was aimed for America, too. It's on Fox News right now. THey're talking about shooting back at Korea. STUPID KOREA! dude, manhwa vs manga. XD awesome.what if they actually didn't miss?? what would happen to everyone's favorite mangas and animes. i pray to God this isn't the end of humanity. Wait, i don't care if humanity ends. Humanity sucks. I just don't want JAPAN TO END! or the world. i haven't even had a chance to glomp Inuyasha. I DON'T HAVE PROBLEMS!!!! :ninja: The first step is to heat 3 or 4 hot dogs to body temperature. Don't make them too hot or it won't work -- about 30 seconds will do. When they're done, stick all the hot dogs into a condom. Lube your penis and slide it into the middle of the hot dogs, so they're surrounding your penis. Then pump the entire package. And don't worry, the condom won't break. Hey /b/, I have a very serious problem. I'm fucking crying because of how stupid I am.Okay, so my girlfriend was supposed to come over to my house today because I was going to go take her to a movie. She lives about 20 minutes away, and the movie we were supposed to see started at 4:15, which was in about 40 minutes. I figured "cool, I'll just play Pokemon while I wait".So I'm playing Pokemon, and having a pretty damn good time. Anyway, she finally does show up, except she's crying as she walks into my room. Instead of doing the right thing by comforting her, I half-focus on my game and her. She starts telling me her cat died, and just as she was getting into it, I get into a random encounter in my game.A shiny pidgey. Holy shit. (For those of you who don't know/care, shiny pokemon have less than a 1/1000 chance of appearing). I stare into my screen in amazement, yelling "holy shit, YES", interrupting her mid-story. She sobs more, and she starts to yell "You don't even fucking care! YOU JUST WANT TO PLAY YOUR FUCKING GAME!" I'm still looking at my screen, still focusing on catching my shiny pidgey, when she walks over, and tosses the game against the wall. I run over and pick up my DS hoping that nothing has changed on screen, and quickly noticed that she broke it. My system and my shiny pidgey, gone forever.I start screaming every obsenity I know, and started flailing my arms around. I didn't know she was behind me, and appearantly I backhanded her in the face while I was being a dumbass and swinging my fists around. She yells out "FUCK YOU", and runs out of my house in tears.What have I done? I've fucked up so badly, and I need to know how to approach her. I don't want a game of Pokemon to be respoinsible for ruining my best relationship ever. Help me /b/. Over the years, the bathrooms at the Church have fallen into ill repair and we decided to completely replace them with more conveniently located bathrooms across the Church. To make a use for our old bathrooms, I've decided to convert them into novel "Glory holes", where children may celebrate the Glory of God by speaking to a priest or other spiritual advisor through a hole in the wall. Well, it finally happened. Women got as horny as us. All it took was five years of dry humping in high school, one or two boyfriends in college, a failed career, three giant kids, and a divorce. Now they?re so horny they?re willing to pay for it. Nice timing, God. FUBU BIG CHAINZ DUBZ $BLING$ $BLING$ FUCK DA 5-0 BITCHES BLUNTS 40Z KICIKIN IT BLUNTED JARNELL BABY MAMMA CHILD SUPPORT CHICKEN AN WATERMELON KOOL AID DA RED KIND FOOD STAMPS WESTSIDE $$CASH MONIES$$ DRIVE BY RYDE OR DIE NIGGA RUFF RYDA 4 LYFE PHAT ICE PHAT BLUNT DENZEL WASHINGTON ROCAWEAR ICE BLING BLING 5-0 187 MURDA MURDA FOOD STAMPS BLUNTS PAPERZ BLAZED WELFARE CHITLINS GRITS KOOL AID HOLLA BACK FUCK DA POLICE ROLLIN IN DA BENZ-O Sometims when I feel an unusually large bowel movement coming soon, I'll weigh myself before and after to determine the magnitude of the feces I'm shedding I like fucking pregnant women. If they’re having a boy it ain’t fun, but if they have a girl then it’s two pussies for the price of one. I have put you on a permanent ignore, public and private. I have found you disturbing, rude and generally not worth talking to. 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